Kannapolis Recreation Park
2225 Fowler St., Kannapolis NC 28083

Pool Rules and Regulations

These pool rules have been designed to maximize safety and enjoyment at our facility. Please review them carefully. The pool manager and lifeguards have the authority to enforce all rules and regulations. Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.

  • All users of the pool must conduct themselves in a courteous manner at all times which will ensure the safety of other swimmers.
  • Absolutely no abusive language, boisterous conduct or breach of peace.
  • No Smoking around general public area. Smoking allowed in specified “Smoking Area”.
  • Kannapolis Recreation Park is not responsible for articles left on the premises. Lost and found articles will be donated or discarded on a weekly basis.
  • Each member has the responsibility to see to that there is no littering or vandalism on pool property. Please teach children to use trash receptacles which are placed at regular intervals on the facility.
  • All members, including guests, shall use the pool at their own risk. Kannapolis Recreation Park and/or its employees assume no responsibility for injury or damage resulting from such use.
  • Member and guests are requested to drive 5 mph in the parking lot.
  • Only park employees are allowed in the pool office, storage room or filter room.
  • We expect adults who are supervising children to insist on proper voice tone and respectful attitudes.
  • No running on or about the pool area.
  • No pushing or dunking of other swimmers.
  • No imitating a drowning person.
  • No bicycles, skating or skateboarding.
  • Absolutely no glass containers or breakable objects of any kind are allowed in the pool or on the deck.
  • No one other than authorized personnel shall be permitted on the lifeguard stands. Lifeguards may sit in singly-placed chairs while guarding the pool. There will be no unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards while they are on duty.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed. Persons who are intoxicated will not be allowed on the premises.
  • The manager on duty shall determine whether the pool will be evacuated or closed for safety reasons.
  • All persons are reminded to take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Persons with communicable diseases, skin abrasion, open sores, bandages, etc. are not permitted to use the pool. Injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported to the guard on duty.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the pool deck, water slides, and kiddie pool area.
  • The kiddie pool is for children 6 years of age and under.
  • Each child using the kiddie pool area should be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult who remains inside the wading pool fenced area.
  • Lifeguards will not actively supervise the wading pool, except to ensure that it is not being used by children over the age of 6.
  • Regular disposable diapers are not acceptable for use in the kiddie pool or the big pool. Swim diapers are required.
  • Use of the pool and its facilities is prohibited except during the scheduled hours and by reservation for private function, and with the presence of a lifeguard. After hours, trespassers will be prosecuted.
  • Swim team practice, swim meets and swimming lessons will be scheduled as required. The pool will be closed for swimming during swim meets and special functions as needed, but on a limited basis only.
  • Special hours may be observed for social events and holiday actives.
  • No refunds and/or rain checks on daily passes.
  • No refunds on “2017 Membership” after June 9st, 2015.
  • For the safety of members, the pool follows American Red Cross guidelines for thunder and lightning. From the time staff hears thunder or sees lightning, the pool will be cleared for 30 minutes. In the case of lightning, the pool deck must be cleared due to the danger of a strike.
  • In the case of consistent inclement weather, the Pool Manager will make the decision to close the pool on 2 hour increments to accommodate the ever changing weather patterns. If the weather improves, then the pool will reopen. Pool closing and/or opening times will be announced on our website and facebook page.