Kannapolis Recreation Park
2225 Fowler St., Kannapolis NC 28083

swimming lessons

Private (1 on 1) // $20 per lesson (No minimum)
Semi-private (2-3 Students) // $110 per session (8 Classes)
Group (4-6 Students) // $60 per session (8 Classes)
One time registration fee $25 per student (fee waived for season pass holders)

Level: 1 Water Exploration – Beginner
This class is for the child to become comfortable with the instructor and being in the water. The skills being taught will include:

  • Water safety
  • Entering the water safely
  • Getting their head wet
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Kicking the feet
  • Jumping off the side feet first
  • Bobbing technique
  • Diving for rings
  • Floating on back
  • Overall being comfortable with the water

    Level: 2 Primary Skills and Stroke Readiness – Intermediate
    Once the child has passed the Beginner class the Intermediate class is the next level. The child should be comfortable with the water, and be able to put their face in the water without any fear. Also, the child should be able to do somewhat of a flutter kick. The skills being taught will include:

  • Basic Freestyle
  • Basic Backstroke
  • Basic Breaststroke
  • Diving head first
  • Retrieve multiple rings from bottom of the 3 foot
  • Retrieve rings from 4 feet

    Level: 3 Stroke Development – Advanced
    This level is made for those recreational swimmers who want to become competitive swimmers. The child should be able to swim at least half the pool with some sort of stroke, freestyle, breaststroke, or backstroke. The skills being taught will include:

  • Perfecting freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke
  • Teach the basics to butterfly
  • Diving
  • Swimming 25 yards (one pool length)
  • Retrieving diving rings from deep water (5 feet and deeper)
  • Endurance

  • Getting Started!
    1. Sign-up at facility.
    2. Swim lesson coordinator will assign your student to an instructor within 7 days.
    3. Your instructor will contact you to set dates and times of lessons (some private and group lessons will have preset dates and times).
    4. Classes will start.
    (All lessons must be paid by first day of class. Checks should be made out to Kannapolis Recreation Park, not your individual instructor).